Babatunde Daniel

At 13 I lost my grandmother, at 16 I was raped and left with herpes, at 22 I lost my best friend and my significant other, at 23 I lost my favorite aunt and grandmother, but God.

At 13 I learned praise, at 16 I learned to be strong, at 19 I became a mother and learned to seek God first, at 22 I learned I have a testimony, at 23 I learned to pray and to be real, at 24 I face antagonist and their lies, being ostracized for MY testimony and through it I have learned to stand on God's word, his strength, and that being real will get you hated by many but loved more by the one who loved me first Jesus. The fruit of the spirit come with many things including long suffering and for God's glory and my testimony I will remain content!

3 years ago

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The Strengths and accomplishments of Prophet Elijah

The Strengths and accomplishments of Prophet Elijah