Kolawole Dinehin

My mother died when i was 4 yrs old,I heard that my mom was poisened,I dont remember my mom.

i had a brother and sister,my brother was 5 yrs older then me, and my sister was 10yrs. older then brother and i were sent to an orphanage.but my sister was sent to a different orphanage for older children.when my sister was old enough to get married she adapted my brother and i from the orphanage.i was 8 brother in sisters husband.started moleseting 12 yrs old i couldnt take it anymore and i ran away and went to my friends house.and stayed there, her parents didn,t mind, but my sister came looking for i ran away from there,my friend ran away with me, we stayed at a park. looked for food in the dumpsters, and we slept in the restrooms,my friend said her cousins go to that park a lot. and they will help us find a place to live.well her cousins showed up,knocked me out, to me to a house and raped me,i had to survive that because i had to live on the street,i just tried to pretend that it didn,t happen,i got a place to stay.and my friends cousin found out i was there, they broke in and tried to rape me again,i had a breakdown,after getting out of the hospital,i went to a girls home, stayed there for a year,by the grace of God my uncle in Albuquerque,myi moms brother was looking for me, and i went to live with him and his wife.the wife was jealous of me and thats when i got depressed and was suicidal.

i ended up renting a room in a boarding house,i was so unhappy i said yes to the firs guy who asked me. and on every date i wanted to drink alcahol and get drunk. i got married 4 times for all the wrong reasons,all the husbands exept the 4th were pysicaly and verbal and emotionaly abuseive , i had 2 daughters from my second husband,he was and alcoholic that would beat me,i turned into a alcaholic, and lost my kids to foster care,i started to get seizures.i was on disability, after counseling and medication,i fought for my kids, and got them back. i tried to commit suicide 16 times and the reason i know how many times is because the doctor said we give up we dont know what to do for you,after meeting my third boyfriend,i moved in with him, he was so possesive i couldnt stand it, so my uncle came and took us to Albuquerque.when my boyfriend came home and found us gone he, cried and he cried out to GOD,He got immediate delivery and salvation,quit everything,started going to church,j reading the Bible, he found out where we lived because my giris missed him, and gave him our address,one day he showed up at my rental house in Albq.

in the meantime during the day i was mom and during the night i was party girl, so when i saw this boyfriend i said what are you doing here? i knew he traveled so i let him in. he was telling me how he got saved,and he said i could get saved too and,we could get married, and i thought woah!im too young and having fun,i,m not ready to give up my sin, he would listen to Christian tapes,and i was getting irritated, so i told him to leave i dont want to hear his tapes,but i noticed whenever he would use my phone to make a call to Denver, he would hide in the bathroom.with the phone, so when i got my phone bill i noticed a womans name in there. i called the number and the woman answered i asked why she was calling and she said that her and Victor were gonna get married,i was so hurt, that i cussed her out and called victor and did the same with him, i was cryiing, it hurt so bad, the girls went to bed, and i cried myself to sleep.

in the morning i walked me girls to the bus,and came home my eyes were swollen,i fell to my knees and cried out to Jesus to help me, and i was flooded with a love that made me feel.see and think clearly, i had a joy and exitement,i looked all over for a Bible and found one,i read it and the word felt like they came alive and ministered to me, pretty soon the girls came home and were surprised that i was happy and not crying, i explained it to them,I ended up moving back to COLORADO,the boyfriend wasent in love with that woman and married me, but i met the woman and we talked, she understood,I started going to Marylin hickeys church,we all learned so much i was spirit filled and spoke in tongues,i was praying for people on the prayer line.

went door to door witnessing,we were married for 12 yrs then i found out he was having an affair, i was devastated, i backslid, started to drink and party,but i was depressed and miserable,i got a divorce,i know the Lord was telling me to stay single for three years, and i did and i met a guy who was on drugs and has been in prison, and i asked God why am i attracted to only bad boys that were in prison and on drugs,and not putting them down, but God showed me that i felt that that was what i deserved,and i know he told me he wanted me to teach this man that i met about GOD,Well we were bar hopping on weekends, i started getting really convicted,my boyfriend was raised a catholic like i was and didnt understand much about Christianity, and living for Christ,he was drinking pretty heavy and i moved to new Mex.and bought a house i got involed in fornication, and drinking,i was very lonely there and living a double life cause i would come to Denver and visit this boyfriend,this boyfriend that Jesus wanted me to teach about him.

so i broke up with the guy that i was fornicating with, and moved back to Colo, to be with this boyfriend.this guy was getting very swollen everywhere,and i went with him to the hospital,he got the bad news thathe had cirrosis of the liver,but the Lord told me he would live, so i told him if he quit drinking i would quit drinking and we could get married and serve GOD, WELL TO make the long story short he lived and got a liver transplant,we got married,and now ive been in jail ministry for about 6 years,I,m gonna start prison ministry,and i go to the halway houses,and do chapel service at the rescue mission,for about 8 yrs now.we make dinner for the xprostitutes,and woman escaping human trafficing,i,m also starting a ministry called coffee, tea,& MINISTRY,its a listening ministr for those who need to unload without any condemnation,or interupptions,i could write a book with all the testimonies i have, but i pray this helps someone to know that God will erase your pain in Jesus name,

Thank you Connie.

3 years ago

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