Kolawole Dinehin

I was saved while in the US Army stationed at Fort Bragg N.C. me and my wife was invited to church so we went. The preacher preached on John 3:16 and 17. He told the folks that brother your going to Hell. I felt like he was talking to just me. The second time we went me and my wife which has past away were both saved. So I was trying to live for God and became the chior director at the church, but me and the preacher had a bad falling out about cigeretts and I quit the church, well 2 heart attacks later I have been in and out of churches since then. But now I don't smoke cigerretts, I dont drink alchol, or do drugs. And I'm back to liveing for God again the best I can. Thats why I'm glad that my God is a God of a second chance. And this is my testimony and I hope it helps some one that reads it to let you know that we may give up on God but he will never give up on us.

3 years ago

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The Strengths and accomplishments of Prophet Elijah

The Strengths and accomplishments of Prophet Elijah